• GENE_NAME : CD19

    CD_NAME : CD19

    DESC: CD19 antigen
    OTH_NAMES: B4; MGC12802
    4G7 IgG1  Levy  BD Biosciences
    BU12 IgG1  Johnson  AbD Serotec
    HIB19a IgG1  Chen  BD Biosciences
    SJ25-C1 IgG1  Melvin  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    LT19 IgG1 Miloslav ExBio Antibodies
    HIB19a IgG1  Chen  BioLegend
    HIB19a IgG1  Chen  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    4G7 BioLegend
    LT19 Mouse IgG1 Filatov EXBIO Praha
    4G7 Mouse IgG1 kappa EXBIO Praha
    4G7 IgG1  Levy  BD Biosciences
    9D2 IgM  Funderud 
    11G1 IgG1  van Lier 
    94C6 IgM  Bühring 
    AB1 IgM  Funderud 
    AE1 IgG1  Funderud 
    B4 IgG1  Nadler 
    B4 89B IgG1
    B43 IgG1  Uckun 
    B-C3 IgG1  Wijdenes 
    B-D3 IgG1 Vermot-Desroches
    B-G4 IgM  Wijdenes 
    B-ly3 IgM  Poppema 
    BU12 IgG1  Johnson  AbD Serotec
    CLB-CD19 IgG2a  De Rie 
    F97-4A2 (SB4) IgM  Poncelet 
    FMC63 IgG2a Macardle
    HB12a IgG1  Tedder 
    HB12b IgG1  Tedder 
    HD37 IgG1  Dörken 
    HD37a IgG1  Dörken 
    HD237 IgG2b  Dörken 
    HIB19a IgG1  Chen  BD Biosciences
    IMMU 386.12 IgG1  van Agthoven 
    J4-119 IgG1  Pesando 
    J3-129 IgG1  Pesando 
    J4-35 IgM  Pesando 
    J4-166 IgG1  Pesando 
    Leu-12 IgG1  Warner 
    OKB19A, ED6 IgG1  Rao 
    PDR134 IgM  Pulford 
    SJ25-C1 IgG1  Melvin  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    ZCH-4-2E8 IgG1  Tang 
    LT19 IgG1 Miloslav ExBio Antibodies
    HIB19a IgG1  Chen  BioLegend
    HIB19a IgG1  Chen  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    4G7 BioLegend
    LT19 Mouse IgG1 Filatov EXBIO Praha
    4G7 Mouse IgG1 kappa EXBIO Praha

    CD19 is a type I glycoprotein that belongs to Ig superfamily.1-2 The extracellular region of CD19 contains three different domains. Two of which, the first and the third, are type C2 Ig-like domains.1-2 CD19 displays a single transmembrane region and a large cytoplasmic tail. 1-2 This tail contains many sites that can be phosphorylated and are therefore involved in CD19 signalling.2

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    No bona fide ligand for CD19 has been reported. CD19 is associated in cis with CD81, CD21, CD82, and CD225 forming the BCR co-receptor complex. 1-4 Other cis ligands are CD9, IGHM and CD38.3-5


    At an intracellular level, CD19 can interact with lyn6, PIK3R3 4, PIK3R14-7, BTK7, ARID3A7, Sos8, Grb28, Vav8, PLC-γ28, fyn and lck.1

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  • GENE_NAME : CD19

    CD_NAME : CD19

    CD19 is a panmarker of the B-cell lineage. Its expression starts in pro-B cells and remains through development and maturation although its level varies. Apart from its expression in B cells, CD19 is also present on a subset of plasma cells.1-2

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  • GENE_NAME : CD19

    CD_NAME : CD19

    CD19 is part of a complex that modulates the signal transduction of the BCR by different mechanisms.1-2 For instance, CD19 regulates calcium flux and MAP kinase activation and Src PTK activation.1 Through these mechanisms, CD19 plays a role in B cell development, activation and differentiation.3-4 Therefore, it is essential for developing an adequate immune response.

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  • GENE_NAME : CD19

    CD_NAME : CD19

    Cell Marker

    CD19 can be used as a marker of B cells. Consequently, it is used for the diagnosis of B-cell hematologic malignancies.1

    1. van Dongen JJ, Lhermitte L, Böttcher S, Almeida J, van der Velden VH, Flores-Montero J, Rawstron A, Asnafi V, Lécrevisse Q, Lucio P, Mejstrikova E, Szczepański T, Kalina T, de Tute R, Brüggemann M, Sedek L, Cullen M, Langerak AW, Mendonça A, Macintyre E, Martin-Ayuso M, Hrusak O, Vidriales MB, Orfao A; EuroFlow Consortium (EU-FP6, LSHB-CT-2006-018708). EuroFlow antibody panels for standardized n-dimensional flow cytometric immunophenotyping of normal, reactive and malignant leukocytes. Leukemia. 2012;26:1908-75.


    Blinatumomab is a bispecific antibody targeting CD19 and CD23 which has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). In particular, it is indicated for those patients with ALL with minimal residual disease and for those with refractory or relapsed ALL. Blinatumomab has shown its efficacy nearly doubling the survival of patients in a phase III clinical trial. 1 Apart from that, anti-CD19 antibodies have been studied in other hematologic malignancies and autoimmune diseases.2

    In addition, two CAR-T cell therapies targeting CD19 are being used in oncology. First, there is Kymriah, which is indicated for young patients with refractory or relapsed B-cell precursor ALL. The other CAR-T cell therapy is Yescarta and it is indicated for the treatment of relapsed or refractory B-cell lymphoma.3-4

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  • GENE_NAME : CD19

    CD_NAME : CD19


    DESC CD19 antigen


    HGNC_LOCUS_TAG: 1633
    NCBI_MAP: 16p11.2
    GENE_SIZE: 7386
    PRCORENC: 45 to 1715
    ENTREN: ENST00000324662
    NCBI_REF_SEF_ENTRY: NP_001761 , 91105174
    PR_MO_WEIGHT: 61069
    PR_SW_PR: 4.83
    IPI_NUMBER: IPI00305031
    NCBI_CONSV_DOMAINS: 91105174
    ENSM_NUMBER: P15391

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